Marketing Support

Trust. Every lasting, meaningful relationship is built upon it. And since the dawn of the automobile, the Texaco brand has been building trust with consumers around the world by providing expert knowledge and service, quality products and a relentless focus on delivering the utmost in performance. Our icon - the Texaco Star - was designed to be a beacon on the road for motorists and an enduring symbol of these values.

Today, these values - performance, quality and trust, are as important in the Irish marketplace as they ever were. Our support for the brand focuses on a variety of initiatives including a fuels marketing programme, local site marketing (LSM) initiatives and a heavyweight sponsorship, the Texaco Children's Art programme. A full marketing presentation can be made to you on request.



Texaco Children's Art

The Texaco Children's Art Competition has been an annual event for clsoe to 60 years, during which time it has touched the lives of almost every family in Ireland.

Developed in 1954, it is the longest running arts sponsorship in the country and has become an established part of the fabric of Irish life.

Distinguished past winners whose early interest in art and the arts were encouraged by their participation in the Competition include Dorothy Cross, Bernadette Madden, Graham Knuttel and Robert Ballagh, fashion designer Paul Costello, politician Ruairi Quinn T.D., broadcasters Thelma Mansfield and Terry Prone, ICTU General Secretary David Begg, novelist Clare Boylan, actress Jean Anne Crowley and musician Ethna Tinney.      

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Fuels Marketing

Providing customers with high quality fuels has been central to the Texaco brand for more than 100 years. We promote the ‘Quality’ and ‘Trust’ factors that have long been associated with our fuels so that motorists can be confident they’re getting a fuel that delivers when they fill up at Texaco.

Local Site Marketing

As a retailer, no one knows more about your business than you. Therefore, no one else is in a better position to market your site than you. If you're running your own promotions, producing your own leaflets, or getting involved with local events or other organisations, you're already running a Local Site Marketing (LSM) programme. The aim of the Texaco LSM programme is to provide you with the tools and resources to help you to use your knowledge to deliver consistent and better results.