About Us

It was the start of the twentieth century and the world was rapidly changing.  Many were intent on transforming America into a great industrial power.  In Beaumont, Texas, the heart of the American oil boom, two entrepreneurs were nurturing a small, fledging enterprise that was to survive and grow, eventually expanding into one of the world's major petroleum companies, Texaco Inc.  Interestingly, one of these men, Joseph Steven Cullinan, was of Irish extraction.

It was 1924 though when the Texaco brand came to Ireland and today Valero Energy (Ireland) Limited, a subsidiary of the Valero Corporation, markets Texaco fuel in this country.  From motor fuels to domestic heating oil and fuel cards, Texaco products and services are known for their high quality, reliability and performance. 

The Texaco brand has a deep and successful heritage in Ireland under various company names: The Galena Oil Company (of Ireland) Limited (1924), The Texas Company (of Ireland) Limited (1929), Caltex (Ireland) Limited (1951), Texaco (Ireland) Limited (1967), Chevron (Ireland) Limited (2006) and Valero Energy (Ireland) Limited  (2011).  The focus has always been on the quality and reliability of product which has endeared a deep sense of trust in the brand.  With over 130 branded service stations in the country as well a strong network of distributors, the future is bright for the Texaco brand.  Looking ahead, the company is committed to growing its dealer class of trade and to being the fuel supplier of choice to the independent dealer class of trade.

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